Congratulations, The Administration Martelly is going forward...

Jayca Solman - September 6 2014, 12:58 PM

Congratulations, The Administration Martelly is going forward with tourism, commerce, real estate, hospitality,education, healthcare, affordable housing, assisted living residences, etc. with a new airport in the North.

This is a big realization long overdue.

The South of Haiti also needs an airport to decentralize Port au Prince and to promote tourism, commerce, affordable housing.

etc., in the South of Haiti.

Haiti has the potential to become a great destination for retirement and medical studies like Mexico.

Haiti needs three airports like Santo Domingo.

Welcome to Haiti.

Welcome to the provinces of Haiti anytime.

The air is pure, the beaches are clean.

Open Haiti to the world.

Let Haiti speaks French, Creole, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, etc, to promote tourism, commerce, education, real estate.

Haiti expands your horizons.

This is a new Haiti with Martelly/Lamothe.


Haiti - L'aéroport du Cap-Haitien: une étape franchie vers le développement du tourisme dans le grand Nord

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