Transportation means to the South of Haiti- Tapion the main issue

Joseph Unelus - September 12 2014, 12:43 PM

The Tapion Mountain is very difficult and perilous to travel.

People are dying on the Tapion Mountain in the South of Haiti.

We know you have a lot to do for the country and the money is not easy to find. Please put the Tapion on your list for the coming year. We are asking the Administration Martelly/Lamothe to find a solution to travel the Morne Tapion.

The South of Haiti may need a railroad or a motor boat to solve the Tapion dangerous roads in the South of Haiti.

It is very difficult to cross the Tapion going to the Cayes, Nippes, Grande Anse. Haitian people, get together to solve the Tapion issue.

It is time to do something on the Tapion roads.

Welcome to the
South of Haiti anytime.

Do not forget the South of Haiti.

The South of Haiti love you very much, rebuild the South roads.

The South of Haiti needs a Fregate on the sea to transport goods to Port au Prince.

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