Haiti development and reconstruction funds

Joseph Unelus - September 15 2014, 12:39 PM

Haiti needs a development and reconstruction funds to get out of unemployment and to build affordable housing for the Haitians living under the tents since the earthquake.

We are asking all Haitians working overseas to give $1 every payday to rebuild and develop education, healthcare, transportation, Agriculture, Commerce, real estate, economy, tourism, hospitality, etc. in Haiti.

The USA have done it for other countries, I am sure they will do it for Haiti.

Martelly/Lamothe Administration is doing a good job rebuilding Haiti but the money is not easy to find. We are looking to another fund to help rebuild and develop Haiti.

We are sure that if all working Haitians give $1 every payday to the reconstruction and the development of Haiti, Haiti will recover under the Martelly/Lamothe Administration.

Haitian people, let us get together to help rebuild and develop Haiti right now. Welcome to create jobs in Haiti Anytime.

Let us Put Haiti on the way of development in the Name of Jesus with airport in the North, South and Port au Prince.

Welcome to Haiti anytime to retire, to vacation, to develop tourism, education, healthcare and real estate.

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