A Message For President Michel Martelly

Ghardy Daniel - April 4 2011, 8:53 PM

Dear President Martelly,

Congratulations Mr. President, I wish you the best. I know that you have a difficult job ahead of you.
I am an Ex-pat living is Massachusetts.

I have had the pleasure to watch you perform on stage at Carver Auditorium in Dorchester, early in your career as a performer.

I was very moved and enjoyed myself then, you were direct and very animated.

I pray that you will listen to your advisors, show control, but govern with a strong hand. Our people needs a leader not just a friend in government, it needs to understand the governance of law and order, only then will Haiti will emerge out of this shadow, where all other Caribbean nations have prosper only to see us in decadence, corruption etc....

You once said that Haiti can no longer move backward, it can only return.

I would like you to tell me which direction that you'd like Haiti and its citizens to return to. I pray it isn't another form of regime of intolerance, plain poche allez etc...

You have the will of the people, I hope you do right by them. Don't loose yourself in power, because no great leaders ever rules by themselves; with the support of the people you can move us to a better future.

P. S. Remember this as well, all societies, great and small, always need the elite to govern; they are the bankers, commerce etc...

which help finance the check and balance of the government debts, not just in paying taxes but in getting investors to come in the country to invest and rebuild.

Peace and Love....

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