Hopital OFATMA de Cayes Haiti

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Pakapala says...

C'est mieux que rien, mais cette asemblee de patients dans une meme salle est faite dans des pays sous developpee. more »

Frank Casey says...

These patients have no insurance to pay their inpatient bills and medications. Where will the country find money to pay the nurses and doctors? There are no jobs to pay medical bills. more »

Frank Casey says...

I agree with you Frank, Haiti needs affordable healthcare insurance to pay medical bills and to buy medications. All workers need health insurance in Haiti in this new millenum. As they are discovering new diseases such as Ebola, Cholera, Azheime more »

Jocelyn Cesar says...

Haiti needs an affordable HaitiCare health insurance for all Haitians to be insured to see a physician every six months. How much will the HaitiCare health insurance cost? It could be $21 a month for low income people and they will have to pay $5 fo more »