Haiti - Konbyen pwen President Martelly Merite sou 100?

Examen Martelly - October 30 2014, 9:40 AM

Si ou tap bay President Michel Martelly yon pwen sou 100 konbyen pwen ou tap bali sou 100?

Genyen yon Haitien ki poste menm keksyon saa sou Facebook, anpil moun bay president Martelly mwayènn li...

Mwen ta renmen konney ou menm, konbien ou panse President Michel Martelly merite sou 100 e konbyen ou vle bali, poukisa bali pwen sa yo?

map tann repons ou

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Frank Casey says...

I cannot evaluate right now. I will take American Airline From JFK airport to Cap Haitian during the holiday vacation, then go to Port au Prince and to the South of Haiti. I will visit the North, the West, the East and the South of Haiti with some f more »