Congratulations, now more than ever, sports play an important...

Joseph Unelus - November 9 2014, 7:52 PM

Congratulations, now more than ever, sports play an important role in people lives in this modern world.

Sport is an important part of every child schooling, their mental, physical social development.

Sports like football, baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, badminton, running, etc., bring people together, inspire, give hope. Sports teach determination and demonstrate that anyone can win, no matter where they come from.
Sports teach team work and discipline and to work hard. Life is a serie of wins and losses.

All sports increase endurance, halance our body blood pressure and circulation, prevent stroke, heart attack.

Sports help us be healthy and fit. Sports create emplymnent and boost the tourism industry.

It is good to have stadiums in every department and gymnasium in every town for people to relax after a hard of work, to exercise, to stay healthy.

Come to play sports with Haiti anytime.


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