Michel Martelly, It wont be easy but you can do it

Maxo Pierre - April 15 2011, 3:18 PM

Dear President Martelly, i would like to see road, security, schools and i reallty believe you are going to make us proud again.

it is going to be a huge challenge but i stongly believe you'll be able take it right on .you are what haiti been waiting for. A president with a strong vision a president that understand the need of his people, A president that love his country, a president that believe everybody deserve respect, a president that unite his people, a president that make all class confortable .i see all that in you that's why, i believe strongly you will make a difference.you have your chance to prove to the people in haiti and aroud the world that haiti has a leader finaly .we need the international community and i also know you believe that.may god bless you, the people, and haiti .love you man

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