Demission of the Prime Minister

Galujo Charles - December 14 2014, 10:28 AM

What a sad day for my beloved country! What a horrible blow to the future of this country we so much love! The jungle law, the "burned tires" law, has prevailed.

Once again obscurantism has won over moral and legal principles.

What a sad day for my beloved country!
I am sad today because my brothers and sisters are going to suffer more and more and their future suddenly becomes dark, somber, and desperate.

It is not about the demission of a politician, instead it is about all the positive efforts deployed to put this country on a better rail. It takes years to build a castle, but it takes a day to destroy it.
What a sad day for my beloved country! The bad guys have vowed to destroy the image of the President and make him look inefficient.

In fact they destroy a country and expose their low instincts of "cafards"...

What a sad day!!!...

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Paul Prudent says...

Peace, Haiti returns to prayer. Sing a new song of prosperity for Haiti. Stop opposition, stop hunger, keep Haiti clean. En avant, en avant dans la paix pour rebatir Haiti. Haiti, keep busy. Celui qui ne fait rien, n'est pas loin de mal faire. Go more »

Pierre Paul Francis says...

Peace, stop opposition, stop homelessness, stop evildoers from destroying Haiti. Create jobs for the evildoers who protest in the streets. Sing a song of peace for Haiti. Build houses for the homeless, feed the hungry people, build schools for the more »