About Haiti's reconstruction!

P.emmanuel Duval - April 16 2011, 8:57 PM

Mr President,
What I'd like to see taking place is the immediate reconstruction of the Palace followed by the Cathedral.

Those two projects could create numerous jobs.
Beside, they are symbols that could reenergize a population " deprimee" by the devastation of the quake.

Also would it be possible to collect all the rubble of the streets of P-A-P and dump it at the ocean shore to build a New Front for the city with a Boulevard, hotels and a casino to attract Foreign tourist's dollars.

These are only just a few suggestions I would appreciate you to take a look at.

I am a Hatian living in Canada for nany years .I am truly interested in the well being of my country.

I ..with many friends would enjoy taking frequent trips home.

I hope writing you this will not be in vain, and I wish you much success with the tasks facing you..

Sincerely, a true compatriote.

Emmanuel Duval

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