Thoughts for the Holy Week

Joseph Unelus - March 30 2015, 3:16 PM

This is the holy week, say a prayer for all restaveks who are suffering under a master roof without voices and friends.

Haitian authorities make a way for the restaveks to get out of bondage because they are orphans, they are hopeless poor
children, teenagers, with sick, unemployed, unskilled helpless families.

Open evening schools for the restaveks to learn to read. Build vocational schools in Haiti for the restaveks to learn a skill and get a job when they reach 18 years old. Create jobs for all restaveks so they get financial independence and live with dignity.

This Holy week, masters give all restaveks who are doing all types of house chores in your homes a break, to go to church to learn about the Bible because God can make a way for them to get out of bondage.

Haitian authorities should do everything in their power this holy week to abolish the Restavek System in Haiti in the Name of Jesus.

Keep an eye on the Restaveks in Haiti because they are forgotten.

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