Every year the unemployed Haitians boat people sail on the...

By: Joseph Unelus (replying to topic) - April 16 2015, 8:03 AM

Every year the unemployed Haitians boat people sail on the perilous handmade boats to face death at sea. The Haitian boat people are economic immigrants who risk their life to escape Haiti's poverty, corruption, hunger and homelessness.

They are seeking jobs and a better living condition in the USA and Canada, etc. In Haiti, the boat people have no access to medical care, affordable housing, education, social mobilization and good nutrition.

Haiti should ask international partners and the Haitians in the Diaspora to invest in Haiti, to come to create jobs in Haiti.

Haiti should build three story building apartments for the low income people to live decently in every department.

Haiti should develop housing in every department.

Haiti should build new homes for sales like Florida for the Haitians working overseas to buy vacation homes, retirement homes and to create jobs in the construction industry.

Haiti should build garment factories to export wedding dresses, winter and spring coats, jeans, bedspreads, linen, draperies, etc. Haiti should plant more mangos, avocados, breadfruits, lemons, grapefruits, etc., to export to the USA and Canada supermarkets.

Haiti should plant more sycamore, oaks trees to export nice bedrooms sets, living rooms sets, dining rooms, chairs, etc. Create jobs in the furniture industry in every department so the unemployed Haitians stay in their homeland.

Create jobs in Haiti.

RE: Le gouvernement déplore la mort de 21 compatriotes


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Le gouvernement déplore la mort de 21 compatriotes

Port-au-Prince, le jeudi 9 avril 2015.- Le Premier ministre Evans Paul s'incline pieusement devant la mémoire des...

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