Be Cautious!

J - April 20 2011, 8:18 AM

Once again Congratulations Mr. President,
I know by now the reality of all the complicated work ahead of view might be taking its toll. Stay calm, do not rush into making decisions without thinking them through.

Be cautious of who's telling you to do what. Remember you can not do it all even when you wanted to, so be smart about your decisions by making it possible for others to help. We don't all have to be president to help the country, but we MUST feel Safe in the country in order to come and do our share.

I am praying, hoping, and then praying that you will target the security issues in Haiti.

In my opinion insecurity is one of the main causes if not the main cause of Haiti's conditions.

People with skills, money, ability to help the country are living outside of the country.

We do send money to friends and family, but that has not change the situation of the country much. We need to be in Haiti to help Haiti, so please let us feel safe to come home. I want to move back home to help, but I can't do so if I have to worry about my daughter getting abused or killed while in Haiti.

I know you are not God, so there will always be crime here and there.

But that is not the same as what has been going on in the country in the past few years.

They don't respect or value human life. People get raped and killed for no reason.

Let's stop the non sense and make it possible for all of us to come home and do our share.

Remember tourists will also come if the country is safe and clean.

For the first time in a long time Haiti just got a break, we can use this hard time and make something great out of it.

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Spain says...

I so much agree! it was so difficult to live in Haiti during the 90s. Then the disaster, the chaotic situation, you are such a brave sweet Micky. Hugs more »