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Paola - November 7 2015, 1:55 PM

I like both: eat pussy and big penis entering my vagina meanwhile a bad fellow fucking me with a scratchy cock smelly cold fish.

My fiance Tyler and I are ready for our 7th threesome.

Please, notify me for any hot melting one because Tyler always reminds me it's another way to make money to appear taller and richer than others especially in USA Show Biz.

Don't take me wrong I want to kill Paola Cesar, the female disabled because she still sleeping with Chris Christie in New Jersey.

I Hate Paola Cesar because she's American Idol for the White Republican Party and she still writes for them with her natural skills.

That ; s another challenge for me. She doesn't even have papers but she got married before me with an Dominicanitaliano white guy.

I am going to harass her more, stalk her because I know her password from advanced research/ I am not going in jail because I get the cover of my white fiance and De Blasio LGTB office.

Don 'f forget De Blasio' s wife is an old lesbian and I am one too.

I warn you I am going to kill Paola Cesar because I am rich now.

Every time I get my period, I put a drop of my blood in the smoothie or cocktail for my fiance Tyler Drake.

I also cook food for him with the water I wash my teeth, my armpit, my vagina and anus to have what I want and need anytime by using voodoo hot spells.

You can ask any Haitian about this part of our common Powerful Supernatural Voodoo when and old poor female like me wants to keep am white middle class man for money.

Don' t judge Mr President because I am a Fanm Djanm and I like to share what I love. Love is Free, me as well. 3366 33 66 33 66333 666333 6633 66 33 66 33 66 33 66 33 66 33 66 3366 33 66 3366 33 66 33 66 33 66 33 66 33 66 33 66 33 66 66 336 6 666 66 63333333333 6633 6633 66 333666 633 66 33 66 6336 66 336 66 666 666 66 6666 66 33 666 6633 66 33 333333333333333333333 6666666666666666666

From Paola Mathe fanm djanm, Haitian Powerful Traditional Powerful Voodoo Prostitute.

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