29 Janvier 2016, fete St. Francois nan Bacconois, Anse a Veau...

By: Paul Bance (replying to Msg 9008) - January 20 2016, 9:28 PM

29 Janvier 2016, fete St. Francois nan Bacconois, Anse a Veau, Nippes.

Pa blier aller nan fete St.Francois, Bacconois.

The Nippes is one of the best places to retire in Haiti.

You can build an affordable two bedrooms with about $50,000 and a three bedrooms for about $75,000. Why not settle in the Nippes for retirement.

The Nippes needs hotels, hospitals, good colleges, restaurants, recreation centers, assisted living residencesto develop tourism in the Nippes, Cayes, Grande Anse South of Haiti.

Develop hospitality, education, commerce, agriculture in the South of Haiti.

Welcome to the Nippes, welcome to the South of Haiti for vacation, honeymoom, retirement.

Develop real estate, social mobilizlation in the South of Haiti.

Every town needs a car dealer and a gas station in Haiti.

Put buses on the roads in Haiti.

Welcome to Haiti anytime.

RE: earthbag homes


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earthbag homes

dear Sir Why is the government not promoting earthbag homes in Haiti.I am a scot/Canadian and would like to build some...

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