The king of change we want for Haiti

S Colin - April 25 2011, 9:39 PM

We would like to see a new leadership in Haiti.

I also like to see President Michel Martelly to bring a new king of government in Haiti.

We are looking for young leaders to solve and rebuilt our country.

I say young people with new ideas, different mentality about what going on around the world.

Let say we see how the built a road in Europe, we looking for the same time of construction for Haiti; not something that will last two or three years then vanishes with bad weather and heat from the sun. I believe ambitious young leader can deliver to the Haitian people.

We was once the greatest people in the new world and I believe we still are the greatest people in the world.

We made the world of freedom, we said once no to injustice, and sacrifice our life for freedom; now we do not have time to wait, we need not to sacrifice Haiti, but ourselves for a better future for Haiti.

Mr. President I want to remember you as one of the best President in Haiti.

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