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Haitian Parliament should request a psyciatric eval for Michel Martelly

The Haitian parliament must request a psychiatric evaluation for Michel Martelly no later than November 14th,2011 before they proceed to his impeachment. If he turns out to be mentally incompetent,it would be easier to send him away without wasting... more »

The vipere et la peste de Pestel Guy Philippe is terrorizing Pestel

Selon des informations recues de Pestel, Haiti, Guy Philippe and his malefactors are heavily armed, committing political atrocities by burning people houses, committing extortion around Pestel more »

Check:Norluck Dorange & Dore Guichard on info Haiti

Norluck Dorange[on left] and Dore Guichard[on right] Give opposing view about Haiti. Those guys are well informed. more »

Spying through fake vaccination and other methods of deceit

The following websites are food for thought. No one is immune from those abuses. The last link will surprise you to see what came from the mouth of the horse and someone in position to know what is going on. more »

President blackout must tell the truth about the magouille

The black out was done either by Martelly people or by the Americans for the same reason. Martelly was put in Haiti by the USA and under its protection. There is no way that some one will cut the cord from the electrical generator without getting... more »

The same people that came with the Bible and Christianity in...

The same people that came with the Bible and Christianity in Haiti are the same one that massacred the Arwawaks in Hispaniola or Haiti, imposed African slavery and massacred over one hundred million Africans in the Americas which is an holocaust of... more »

Do not uses fake name pou sa voyer roche cache main. Any person...

Do not uses fake name pou sa voyer roche cache main. Any person that tries to start a clash with the Haitian Voodoo is on the C.I.A. Payroll. Do not try to destroy the Haitian culture to impose Christianity that have a well-documented history of... more »

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