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Dear Mr President congratulation

I welcomed you TET kale this is a real government as we all can see Haiti starting with free school for all kids around the country that brilliant we really appreciate it but Mr president what is your plan to help rebuild the country I mean not... more »

Dear Mr President congratulation

I want you to stop child abuse in school this is disgusting the way teachers beating up kids inside the classroom this slavery mentality must go its to much Thank you Mr president TET kale more »

Neg sa yo san pitye yo pa renmen ayiti epi nou menm nan peyi...

Neg sa yo san pitye yo pa renmen ayiti epi nou menm nan peyi blan se lAKAY nou vle tounen pandan tou fre nou yo an ayiti rev yo se vin nan fredi sa epi desepsyon nan men blan pandan nou kite soley plaj lAKAY fok sa chanje Wyclef real revolutionary... more »

neg sa yo pa gen nen nan figi yo nan palmam

M santim m tal al an Afghanistan al achte yon bonm epi eksplozel andedan paleman ayisyen an poum touye tout nalfekte sa yo se vre wi paske Neg sa yo Fe ayiti soufri anpil anpil ti visye sa yo m rayi Neg sa yo Mr president martelly be strong man We... more »

To much blah blah blah corrupt parliament members

I thing the parlement don't get it yet about a new Haiti without corruption I believe so cause it sound like they don't understand if we the new generation of Haiti will never ever vote for lavalas unity ever again we had annorth of them they fake... more »

Stop looking at Haiti like a war zone

I can't believe some people try to compare haiti like Yemen Libya Tunisia Syria etc Stop please Haiti is an island small we not like these country Some people will shock when change took place when the army start working Tourism you are welcome to... more »

IfTET KALE already free education what about that

Haiti finally elected is first president after decade Big progress already took place so imagine the next 5 years I bit you martelly will b president for life cause the new generation trust him they will support him and do what ever he said 100... more »

neg yo pat konnen plan nouvel jeneration sa a

Hi Mr president martelly TET KALE congratulation Wyclef jean great job real revolutionary in mission Michael jean great fighter against corruption I bit you haiti will change with this generation The next five years with the TET KALE government Big... more »

VIV Jean Claude Duvalier ayiti te bel a pouvwal la

These u thing Icc should process a plan him Should find out more about our history I thing the Icc should bring to justice theses who created Illegal war where millions innocent civilians die Including children and pregnant woman Haiti was a... more »

bandi pa ladann se sekirite tet ansanm trop lanmo

Se pou yo mare dezel depi ou pa transparan anbake This government isn't about he's own personal interest we been waiting for moment for 25 years and I am so glad for my country as I feel the change Is been a long time the parlement playing game... more »

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