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You are right Mr hope that change as well I came to the UK...

You are right Mr hope that change as well I came to the UK after the earthquake and I really want to help the kids back home with education and built housing but is complicate to register my charity here can you please send me an email to help more »

Mr president we the Haitian people voted change

A lot of us died by gunshot all over the country Death need to stop with this new government seriously We need law and order 100 percent security The police nationale are wick we can't trust the police Without an army Haiti will ever b a peaceful... more »

why some people blah blah about bring back our army and our own country

Bring the army back is a brilliant idea cause every country need law and order to protect themselves plus if we don't have a peaceful country with security 100 percent no tourist will get on airplane to visit Haiti I mean look at the Domrep make... more »

Bring the army why not

After 25 years of greed busted corrupt politicians for decade Haiti finally elected a real president Mr martelly your welcomed The army should already get place all over our country for good We can't have a country without he's own armed force ok... more »

about tourism electricity and the new army

Congratulation Mr President TET KALE Michel Martelly Sweet Micky we welcome you one more time as a new president of our beautiful country Haiti wish used to call the pearl of the Caribbean and we believe you Mr president will take of us the haitien... more »

wyclef jean should be available to run for president

Congratulation Mr President Michel Martelly you are doing a great job for the haitien people Haiti is on a very good stage right now to compare all the precious government for the past 25 years corruption fake busted politicians but Haiti is waking... more »

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