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Can Haiti use chain gangs or work gangs?

The purpose of chain gangs or work gangs are to serve as a deterrent to crime, punishment, societal restitution for the cost of housing, feeding, and guarding the inmates. The money earned by work performed goes to offset prison expenses by... more »

biofuel for Haiti

I am an entrepreneur living in the USA and I have Haitians roots. My business is to collect used cooking oil, process it and converting it to fuel. Mr Michel Martelly President of Haiti Actually, we are doing about 20,000 gallons on a weekly basis... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, Below is a letter I wrote to my childhood friend Danel Georges. Hello Danel I know that you probably are very busy with the end of the election, However If you happen to Meet the new President of Haiti, Please congratulate... more »

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