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J C :: Haiti - President Michel Martelly Archives

Topic and comments posted by J C

Electricity 24/7 in Haiti For Ever

In my life time, it would be nice to see that Haiti will have electricity 24/7. It is the basis for everything we do in the world. The water situration is bad in Haity, but in order for the water to be pumped from one place to an other it will need... more »

Les Parlementaires haitiens sont des va-nu-pieds

Ils n'ont pas de projet et de vision sociale pour Haiti selon les declarations de Me Gousse et tout ce qu'ils voulaient ce n'etait que des pots de vins et des postes pour les membres de leurs familles. Ils n'avaient en aucun cas evoques aucun... more »

Prezidan Martelly, pa pran dikte nan min pe pap

Dear President Martelly, Felisitasyon President, min sa mwen ta vle di ou, pa pran dikte nan min pe pap. Piga moun ap vin di ou min moun pou choizi pou okine pos. yo met di wap bloke gouvenman ou la pa pe an yin dayer moun yo pat bloke gouvenman se... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, congradulation on your hard fighting to win the war, everyone have their eyes on you. Those who love or dont love you,let God obtain the first place with him we can make it. We have crashed many times with those good... more »

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