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Clinton's participation to the Haitian Reconstruction

President Martelly, it would be a HUGE mistake to remove Bill Clinton from the reconstruction efforts in Haiti. The Bill Clinton name has been associated with Haiti reconstruction efforts and that has helped raise so MUCH money for the country. It... more »

The Haitian National Education Funds

It is good that the Martelly government has officially established the more »

Reforestation in Haiti: A Necessity for Survival

Reforestation in Haiti: A Necessity for Survival Today, less than 2 percent of the Haitian forest is still standing. The deforestation of Haiti more »

Haiti Renaissance and its foundation

The Haiti Renaissance and its Foundation Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake, has the extraordinary opportunity to rebuild itself and emerge as a modern country, with true development potentials. The first step in resolving the Haitian endemic... more »

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