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support our president

where to write the president direcly my vision is very close to his vision his inauguration speech is a speech I personally will give have free school is best thing one could do it is gift of life a mind is a terrible thing to waste note haiti... more »

good job

keep in your good work and your vision for I wish one the oeerest the ignoraant country will never be a title of our contry no shame to be poor but shame to be unable to get out of poverty get use oppresse take avaantage exploite by foreigner and... more »

your vision

I congratulate you I could almost I finish your sentence your vision for our country is almost my vision what one a leader should do for his country also about the social issue a clinic shoud be establish distribute condoms to publc teach parenting... more »

Education ,health care sanitation ,social issues

#1) Education in Haiti must be first because more than 1/2 population is under 18 years old uneducate #2) social beyavior conduct resposibilities should be address to youth teach them La metrise self control respect for woman teach them having... more »

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