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Bravo, Bravo, il pourrait utiliser les terminaux, pour reduire...

Bravo, Bravo, il pourrait utiliser les terminaux, pour reduire les coûts et reduire la consommation en élécrticité more »

Bonjour à tous/toutes, Premièrement, oui il a commis des...

Bonjour à tous/toutes, Premièrement, oui il a commis des erreurs graves, mais je penses que si on parle de reconciliation, il faut lui donner sa place étant ancien président, donc funerailles nationales. Deuxièment, je suis... more »

Do not despair, Kagame tells Haiti

Haiti can overcome the problems it is facing if its people and leadership do not despair and focus on ways of tackling the challenges they face. The observation was made by President Paul Kagame, while featuring on CNN more »

US War college students commend RDF

Students from the National War College (NWC), USA, yesterday, applauded Rwanda more »

UN recognizes Rwandan Police Officers

A total of 186 Rwanda National Police officers serving under the United Nations-African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) and United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) received United Nations Medals for their service. Among the officers... more »

Kagame meets US War College delegation

President Paul Kagame yesterday met and held discussions with a 10-man delegation from the United States National War College at Urugwiro Village. The group, led by Lt. Col Michael C. Lawrence, is in the country to learn the various aspects that... more »

All Living Presidents Of Haiti

Congratulation Mr. President, I really appreciate, it takes alot of leadership, sanity, respect and most of all, fresh blood. I pay my respect to you Mr. President more »

Czech minister visits

Czech government official is in the country to strengthen his country more »

Kagame receives US health professionals

KIGALI - President Paul Kagame yesterday hosted a delegation of 38 people from leading universities in the United States, led by Ira Magaziner, the co-founder of Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). The delegation, from 16 top medical, nursing... more »

Have you seen the lesson Canadian Electors gave?

When people are feed up with normal politicians, they just vote for fresh blood, because at least they are not insane Go Mr. President Martelly, Go, YES, WE CAN, YES, YOU CAN more »

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