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The role of Fritz Cineas in RD

Who really knows how long Fritz Cineas have been in Dominican Republic? What is his role there, Does he represent the haitian people? Because to tell you the truth,I do not have any idea myself more »

Bravo Sister, You made some good points.We apreciate your...

Bravo Sister, You made some good points.We apreciate your input, frankly There is no better to put it. This is the first time I see you on the blog, Maybe we see more of you in a short future.God bless Peace more »

Welcome Mr president ,

Greetings from Kenold Pierre From maryland. Remember after the earth quake all airplanes had to land in Dominican Republique. That 's was a shame; two more airports : One in the North, One in the in the South will be great thanks for your... more »

Hi Mr President "

just like a dream come true,Because I saw it coming.People took it for a joke,but in my life I always expect the best.I 'm living in Washington,Maryland side In Greenbelt.My name is : Kenold Pierre From Terrier-Rouge.I wish you all the best. May... more »

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