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Sweet Mickey (poem)

Mickey, Mickey oh, sweet Mickey the country needed sweet Mickey to capture back her beauty. Mickey, Mickey oh, Mickey what a wonderful job you're doing for your country. Let the sound of the drum echo in the savanna, let the samba dance." Hail to... more »

Haiti In Your Hands. (poem dedicated to President Martelly)

Tete kale, you are a Picasso masterpiece not easy to understand. You represent a collage of knowledge. God entrust this beautiful country to you because he knows you true. You are like Moses at heart; you'll deliver this nation from misery. Like a... more »

New poetry about Haiti.

The Creole Princess Creole Princess with copper skin. Oh! you look so fine. You are shaped like an hour glass. Your lips so plump with lust. Your art is full of grace, dreaming of liberty. Creole Princess with lustrous hair Oh! you smell so good... more »

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