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is president Martelly a novice?

frankly,i would not know that, because,if anyone that is paying any attention to what going on in Haiti right now, and compare it to what was happening there before. automatically will know that "novice"has no place, when it comes to "president... more »

for the good of haiti and the people

great respect for you Mr president. as you know Mr president, for those of us who is living in the diaspora,and i believe also the one that live in haiti.the three most important things that i think our country need right away... more »

Michel Martelly, It wont be easy but you can do it

Dear President Martelly,i would like to see road, security, schools and i reallty believe you are going to make us proud again. it is going to be a huge challenge but i stongly believe you'll be able take it right are what haiti been waiting... more »

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