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Formule de Nettoyage des Rues en 2 temps 3 mouvements

President Martelly - Juste yon ti konsey pou rann lari yo pwop et kenbe peyi nou pwop Otorite gouvenmantal ak konsey municipal yo dwe PASE LOD FORMEL pou tout moun : proprietaires, locataires, moun ki lwe kay pou fe biznis, direkte lekol, paste... more »

Programme Bouche Trou

Président Martelly - Mes compliments pour tous les efforts faits dans le bon sens pour le bien de tous jusqu'à présent. - Au sujet du programme Bouche Twou, Je voudrais suggérer qu'on répare les rigoles aussi quand on... more »

I want for all Haitian to Unite

Dear Mr. President: It is my opinion that: Lack of knowledge, breads ignorance. Ignorance, leads to self hatred. Self Hatred, produces division. Division, invites selfishness. It is at these levels that the world is operating at today. I believe... more »

Hope for Haiti

Could you rebuilt Haiti. Mark your passage in becoming the realistic president who will have marked his passage. Therefore, be the president who will help Haiti to find again its name of "The First Black Republic". God be with you. more »

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