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Haitiens en Republique Dominique

Nous, de la diaspora a chaque transfert d'argent pour haiti devrait rajouter 1.50$ de plus.J'ajouterai meme le triple si ce montant pourrait aider a faire rentrer les haitiens, qui sont en republique dominicaine, en Haiti et aider Le gouvernement a... more »

Martelly Cap Haitian ruse was planned at baby Doc Birthday to create macout

During baby doc birthday some of Duvalier henchmen told Martelly camp to stage a make believe attempt against him as a justification to form a corp of "miliciens or tonton macoutes." What happened in Cap Haitien was well planned by the Martelly camp. more »

School for all children

I would like to see a mandatory law that every child to go to school for free. more »

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