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Bonne Fetet et Joyeux Noel!

Bonne F more »

Yes Haiti Can Change!

President, Honorable, Haiti has been waiting for that leadership style for so long and it is just about time. Dont panic, retreat, or run away from the revolution that I have been prophetised for decades to free Haiti once for all. Stay on the... more »

The Haitian Army BEst interest for Haitni

After the army was over taken by President Aristide about seventeen years ago, so the institution with fixed assets about $70000000000.00 was disappeared without any trace. Many believe that is the threshold on the upcoming billionaire of the... more »

Hi Mr. Toulimen, I has been a very long time that I had not...

Hi Mr. Toulimen, I has been a very long time that I had not been heard you. We may not ne agree in all our statements; however, the message must be unique for equality of social and economic justice. It is a warning to every leader in any country... more »

Haiti Must apply the Law to Everyone!

For Decades Haiti has have a vacuum of law and it becomes the lawless country in the hemisphere. President Martelly is not a dictator nor populist and neither Grand manjeur. The President is willing to change how the law applies in Haiti, it used... more »

The Deputy In Custody of the Law!

Many people have suggested that The Deputy has been arrested by the Lavalas, Preval, or Tonton Macoutes; this is some fantasy words and allusion that my Haitian Brothers and sisters are allergic with. The law is the law for everyone whether rich or... more »

Veye Yo Yo Konprann yo ka Vinn fe Vye Plitik!

Bau Haiti yon chans pou mwen. Presidan Martelly vle bagay tout neg pa vle a se rekonsilyation. Kite peyi a mache. Presidan Martelly mete gason sou w pou fe travay la. Nouvo generasyon an le ak yon kout fil pou poye peyinn sekou. pa pe rele nou pou... more »

Good job let move one we are not going back never and never...

Good job let move one we are not going back never and never. Haitians are for inclusion not exclusion. more »

Warning to Haitians Leaders! Justice is coming!

It is certain this millennium is the new age movement and for the baby boomers to find and ask for justice. And yes we can do it. Lately, many have read the news about Gaddafi, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia; it has been predicted that justice is coming soon... more »

Stop that Politic of Division & hypocrisy!

The most psychological defragmentation in the Haitian system is the tactic of the mafia to divide the Haitian people among themselves and to reign to impose and secure their misery. President Martlelly is Executive chief of the nation and all... more »

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