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Unquestionable Leadership of President Martelly!

My Haitian brothers, Should be told the nation to remain vigilant against the bad anti democracy of our dear Haiti. Time arrives or we should make a policy based on social psychology and cognitive of a Haitian who has the good will to renew the... more »


Mes fr more »

C'est Vraiment l'Hommme D'une Vision Humaniste!

Chers Haitiens, Le President Joseph M Martelly fait preuve d'un vrai haitien et il fait ca a l'extraordinaire.Il se montre superieur au mal, a l'orgueil, et au mechant. Les haitiens peuvent faire ce qu'il vient de faire deja nous serons une... more »

President Martelly Must Eliminate These Senators.

These Senators are anti -Haitian, Progress, Development; therefore, must be eliminated and revoked by the Haitian People. President Martelly must move forward with Haiti and the Haitian people. These Senators have been lead the country for many... more »

The Elite and the Peoplemust be Haitians.!

A Civilized Elite group is the one that search to dignify and promote their country except in the case where as this group is not a really sedentary of the land thus the affair of this land in any part of the world must not concern to them neither... more »

The Leader with Vision!

Now the people of Haiti can see their future; they will always stay focusing for a bright tomorrow as we glamour for survival, we must say Haiti will not perish with the unity of our brothers and sisters to change the course of history. Many of us... more »

Not time to joke about the Change!

Many have already seen the result ofthis Charismatic leader from the President; it is not to brag about, but to tell it white and black. God has called the President at this time for a reason to take Haiti out the hands of the mercenairies, greedy... more »

L'homme dans le Plan de Dieu! Bienvenue

Honorable President Martelly, Dieu regarde l'homme qu'il a chosisi selon le coeur; vous faites de priorite les multiples problemes que traversent notre pays la facon dont vous representez Haiti a l'interieur comme a l'exterieur. Vous avez deja... more »

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