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to honorable president michel martelly

Resulta bien simple mete jeanclaude duvalier magistrat delmas carrefour portauprince paske se president ki pi propre ke peyi dhaiti te gingnin lel te la pat gingnin mache nan mitan larue mouin kite haiti an 1990 minm militaire yo ki te sou pouvoua... more »

Salutation pour lhonnarable president martelly

Douvino se minm president haitien ki pa gingnin double nationalite sa yo oui ki kraze peyi a konsa oui sa a se yon pouvoua bondieu voye pou pep la pouki sa yo pat chache mete preval ater li fer 15 ans lap desann pantalon ni nan figi pep la voler... more »

to the president of the republic of haiti

Mister president i don't know if this will be possible i will really like to see you try to open a relationship with country like australia and united emirates arab unis more »

To honorable president martelly

Plume pa bouge yon yota pap soti nan cinq ans president martelly a eske ouer nerg sa yo ap pap kite payi a mache bondye voye yon bon president konsa au lieu pou mete terte avec li pou fer peyi a mache yap fer dilatoua moise jeancharles fermin djole... more »

Martelly wil fullfil his dream for haiti

Martelly try to takes spirit power from duvalier because he has the same vision that duvalier has for haiti he probably try to pickup what duvalier leftup duvalier didn't killed peoples they killed themselves if you stay away from the lake the... more »

Francois duvalier pas asser de temps

Duvalier has a long vision for haiti but a short time I hope he was 30 years old when he takes power he would've spent 34 years in power and I guarantee you we will have A beautiful and respectful country agentxxx if it wasn't for duvalier you will... more »

The agentx biographyhe is a homeless

Albert I beleive I can write a book about agentx if you check my message very carefully you willknow what kind of bastard he is i dont knew what make him thinks he can compare himself to martelly since I heard about martelly in 1987 he always busy... more »

We need to have a million man martelly march

Mister president I really like to see you put at least a professional school in each arrondissement specially with the reconstruction these youth can find work they can learn electician plumber masson carpenter even mechanic and I really like to... more »

Thumb up timanno agentx is a parasite

Think about it man agentx was trying to steal some donation money from a handicap man right in front of the store the, funny thing is he got beat up by that handicap man I said man how the hell you let somebody in a wheelchair hoop you agentx. And... more »

To honorable mr michel martelly

president mouin ta mande ou pou pa blie moune ki nan zone tres louin an haiti yo paske map gade nan net la ler ou tap minnin kampagne ou gin yon seri de kote ou te passe an haiti kap besouin clinic lekol dlo potable epi ankourage moun yo pou yo... more »

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