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Arcahaie and portauprince leogane

As you work on the reconstruction and the desantralisation mr president I will like you to make leogane archahaie and portauprince close together because too many people concentrate in portauprince only open the capital even the palace new palace... more »

Agentx you need to leave martelly blog now

jean pierrealexandre dont have time for a low life bastard like you so I take over for him now agentx there is a new sherrif in town his name is tank more »

Martelly is a smart guy

Duvalier was ruling haiti with a killing spree but I cant blame him you know why he did it because he knows that the way dummy like preval and aristide will make haiti become a filfty mud the airport he built is the only one we had his build all... more »

Agentx you need to leave martelly blog now

Dont get mad at me agentx I am just try to help you out my next try will be at a grocery store my uncle just open a grocery he told me he need someone to put in the corner of the street to hold a cardboard that says buy one get one free come agentx... more »

Agentx you need to leave martelly blog now

Then I call my friend at the buffet and tell him I am sorry about that I am just try to help the bastard to have a life cause he live on his parent retirement, check agentx you should be ashame of yourself these old folks been working too hard all... more »

I finally found agentx a dishwasher

I called my long time friend working in that buffet about a dishwasher for agentx and the guy call me back and told me why you send me that guy he fail th e drug test I said men go ahead and give the man the job my friend said ok four hours later... more »

I visit this blog so often

Cassandra I have a good spot for you on alligator alley but before you to see me make sure you change that panty you got on for three weeks more »

9 million haitien saluons le retour triomphal

Nous saluons le retour triomphalt du president de la republique dhaiti mr michel martelly pour la premiere depuis la guerre nous avons un president honnette qui travaille pour le bien dhaiti je penses le president est sur la bonne voie son agenda... more »

Mr jean pierre alexandre

Dont you worry I am gonna make agentx run away from this blog for good they gave him a computer at salvation army he think he gonna have the internet service free too maybe he keep looking for the dishwasher job but fail his drug test more »

Sak te gintan gin la pou presidan pa fet 5 ans

Tout palmanter voleuer sa yo al mete kor nou on kote paske preval finn grinnin kont tintin pou 5 ans et demi non pa dil ayin koune yer non tombe nan kor presidan martelly more »

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