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97% of Haitian Males Live only For Haitian Female Sexuality

They have no projects and visions in mind. All they are cared for is to go visit Haiti to sleep with unemployed poor Haitian females. They love prostitution and they don't want economic development to occur in Haiti. They are living overseas just... more »

I am very upset because I have realized that Haiti has a sexist...

I am very upset because I have realized that Haiti has a sexist problem and most Haitian males are educated to exploit and express women and that is why we have an abject poverty in Haiti. Haitian males want to make money just to satisfy their... more »

Haiti ne peut avoir plus de terres cultivables lorsqu'elle...

Haiti ne peut avoir plus de terres cultivables lorsqu'elle represente un tiers de l'ile Hispaniola. Comment expliquer cela? more »

The Liberation of Haiti Will Be only Achieved Through Haitian Males' Education

We need to start teaching Haitian males humanity skills and principles in order to provide economic opportunities to all in Haiti. We need to start implementing a tax against males who are sleeping with other women if already married. We need to... more »

Haitian Males Live only for Women Sexuality

Haitian males want to get money by all means just to satisfy their sexual interests by sleeping with several women. Haiti has a sexist problem and this has been created for years by the patriarch males after the death of Toussaint and Dessalines to... more »

Haitians Are The Destroyers of Haiti and Not The International Community

Les Haitiens sont les destructeurs de leur proper patrie: Les Haitiens aiment accuser d'autres nations voulant detruire leur pays. Cependant ils sont les destructeurs et destructrices a tous les niveaux dans leur pays. Quand vous entendez les cris... more »


We must praise the Haitian Economic, Religious and Political Elites of Haiti for not promoting a homosexual culture in Haiti. However, the public must be informed about how people turn to homosexuals and what the state of Haiti can do to correct... more »

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