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You and I are on the same boat with simply a different approach...

You and I are on the same boat with simply a different approach and I don't see any disagreement at at all since we are calling for stopping it. I agree with you that the state of Haiti should uphold its Penal Law in defamation of character of the... more »

Republicans Will Send In A Third Party Candidate To Booster His Tax Collector Obama

Republicans are the most trickiest ever people on the planet and they know how to replenish their political establishment in America. We have seen it in Haiti with Martelly, in France with Hollande, in Russia with Putin and we will see it in... more »

Tiba, the state of Haiti cannot continue to be the greatest...

Tiba, the state of Haiti cannot continue to be the greatest employer ever in Haiti. The Haitian government should have the right to print its own money to strengthen the private sector to hire people in the country. Are you working for the US... more »

Tiba, I called and wrote a letter to the Attorney General of...

Tiba, I called and wrote a letter to the Attorney General of the Northern Region (Commissaire Du Gouvernement Du Nord), but I was told that they would investigate all facts about that drowning to prevent that from happening again. Corruption was a... more »

Toulimen Se Dit Satisfait Sur Les Demarches De L'Etat Haitien D'Arreter Les Voleurs De La DGI

Monsieur Jean-Baptiste Clark Neptune, je suis satisfait de vos demarches d'arreter 60 contribuables fraudeurs de Fonds publics estimes a plus de 500 millions de dollars. Nous devons les mettre derriere les barreaux ce pour mettre frein a l'etat... more »

Un decret sur l'organization des partis politiques est...

Un decret sur l'organization des partis politiques est necessaire. Haiti aura besoin de trois partis politiques solides finances par l'etat central d'Haiti, les fonds des contribuables et les dons provenant des secteurs d'affaires et autres. C'est... more »

Martelly Si Ou Te Serye Ou Tap Mande Bokye Pati Politik Yo Fe Twa Gran Pati Politik

Nou se senbol won't nan rejyon an avek 145 pati politik ak 145 jol Bokye ki vle prezidan. Si Ou tap fe Bon bagay vre Ou tap Mande grimas lide sa yo pou yo fe twa gran blok politik pou restriktire sistem politik la. A la wont pou nou ban San wont! more »

Medvedev, Sarkozy Ale e Sak Di Obama Pa Prale Tou E Tea-Party Ka Monte

Gade jan elit Aysyen an BA Ou yon Mertelly ki se sezisman pou tout moun tankou jan yo te bay Soulouque, Nord Alexis e Dumarsais Estime. Elit Ameriken an ka BA Ou Mitt Romney pou yon lot kat lane. Yon bagay pou Ou mande Ou. Eske Repibliken kon... more »

Obama Will Be Reelected To Collect Taxes On Behalf of The Tricky Conservatives

They will make you believe that it will be a closed election and we will all swallow the pill. Capitalists and Elections Makers in America know how to fool Americans because the given brainwashed education does not allow them to understand modern... more »

Martelly Mwen Mande Ou Redwi Administrasyon Pou Ou Mete Volo Deyo Ou Derefize

Mwen di Ou ke trop Ayisyen ap travay nan gouvenman an e yap touché pou gran mesi. Pa gen lajan nan bije a pou Ou peye volo sa yo. Mete konpite nan job e voye enpe volo ale. Chef sevis pap volo e yo pa ka koronpi lot nan volo paske se elit la... more »

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