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RE: PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton has good advice for the development of Haiti. Agriculture can bring great profit to Haiti. Do not abandon Agriculture. Haiti, plant your coffee, cocoa, bananas, yams, vetiver, lemons, sugarcane, etc. Sure, white folks will not do much but... more »

Le Premier ministre Lamothe pursuit les démarches en faveur du développement d'Haïti

Port-au-Prince, le mercredi 24 septembre 2014.- Le Premier ministre, S.E.M. Laurent Lamothe a participé, mercredi à la session annuelle du Clinton Global Initiative sur Haïti, qui s'est déroulée à l'Hôtel Sheraton... more »

RE: PHOTO: Haiti - Former president Bill Clinton at Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel Inauguration

Hysteric statements against investments for tourism in Haiti are astonishing. Who exactly are these people who want so badly to keep Haiti one of the poorest country in the world? They have a hidden politic agenda or they are totally crazy. more »

Stanley Lucas Jwen Djob Kom Konseye Espesyal Pdt Martelly

Stanley Lucas resi jwen dyob nan pale nasyonal kom Konseye Relasyon Entenasyonal Pdt Martelly. Li resi Jwen yon dyob politik apre ke li fini niche bek soulye Bill Clinton. Yo bali dyob la e nou pap tande li nan blog sa a anko. Li la pou fe Martelly... more »

RE: Gouverneur General D'Haiti: Bill Clinton

Bail Haiti shans li nou gen plis ke 8 milyon moun ki pa konn li ak ecri 10milyon miserab. Preske tout ayisyen pa we ben nan je. Pep la af fe pitit kon cheni pep la besoin swen sante, timoun besyon al lekol li bezion kay, dlo potab chabon enejy pou... more »

RE: PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative

Haiti needs international partners to find solutions for the long term reconstruction and the development of Haiti in every department. Haiti needs a Medical, Pharmacy and Dentistry in the North, South and the West for the young Haitians to get... more »

Gouverneur General D'Haiti: Bill Clinton

Le gouverneur general D'Haiti pourrait faire revoquer le president Haitiano-Americain Michel Martelly sur la demande d'Obama qui se dit insatisfait des visites Latino-Americaines par l'administration de Laurent Lamothe, un gauchiste comme Chavez. more »

We Need Compensation From The UN

Haiti was cholera free. We did not ask for cholera. UN most pay reparation to Haiti. We need compensation for the victims and their familly. UN cholera causes a lot of stress in the country. more »

RE: PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative

Summer is coming. Welcome to the Nippes anytime. The Nippes have some nice beaches for tourists to vacation anytime. Tourists will find lots of fruits and vegetables to savour. The Nippes need hotels. assisted living residences. etc. The next time... more »

Haiti housing project

Video Reportage of new Haiti Housing project in to Zoranger in the commune of Croix des Bouquets. Bill Clinton participated with the President Martelly at the break of the first stone of the first units of housing of the social housing... more »