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Human Trafficking issue in Haiti

Please contact me regarding an urgent matter of child trafficking in Haiti. We are desperately trying to get help immediately! I am acquainted with Bill Austin, who was with you last week in Haiti. more »

RE: Restoration of the Haitian National Guard

I ask myself these quetions all the time about Haiti.What haitian government stand for? for whom they work? What is their goal? What exactly they want to do for Haiti? Blk. America has two major party,regardless of the party in the white house they... more »

L'Assassinat D'Aristide Par La Communaute Internationale Est Proche

Ils sont en train de le planifier en retirant les officiers affectes a son service de protection. Est ce qu'ils peuvent reduire la securite de Bush, Clinton et Carter? Wow, quel pays hein, nous avons une independance nominale qui veut dire de nom... more »

Haitian True Free Press

They are trying to bluff the Haitian by saying Clinton will play a lesser role in Haiti reconstruction but that is not true. They know what they did by selecting ti miki tete piast. Now those malefactors want to keep a low profile by giving the... more »

RE: "vice"President Martelly will scores his 4 a zero agaist the Haitian peopl

Agent-X, You may have a point. Someone is holding the money and refused to releasing it. They are playing game with the Haitian people. more »

A word of thanks

Mr. President, Thank you for seeing to it that we have an international hotel in Haiti. Now we can really say Haiti is open for business. I hope Marriott is the first step in seeing alot more hotels in the country. Now make plans for some hotel in... more »

RE: Resp

danladiyousuf30 at, :damani_maru at qatar. Dear, I know that this letter may come to you as a surprise, I got your contact address from the computerized search. My name is Mr Danladi Yousuf, I am the Bill and Exchange (assistant) Manager... more »

RE: Douane Haiti

Donez moi du temp car j'essai peniblement de mettre de l'ordre dans mes pantalons. Avec le temp je vais essayer de m'organiser. C'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron. Moi c'est en chantant que je devient un chanteur. Plus tard c'est en... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, We want to put chicken operation in Haiti and take chicken waste to generate elec. and take steam and make drinking water the bio char can be used for fert. also can use human waste to be gasified to produce power we have... more »

L'Etat haïtien opte pour une gestion professionnelle de l'aide à son Gouvernement

Port-au-Prince, jeudi 27 Septembre 2012 : Le Président de la République, S.E.M. Michel Joseph Martelly, accompagné du Premier Ministre Laurent Salvador Lamothe, de l'Ambassadeur d'Haïti à Washington, M. Paul Altidor, de l'Ambassadeur... more »

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