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Thanks to the Duvaliers and to some extent the Haitians themselves ended up in the Dominican Republic where they are not getting their fair shake at life. Even though the Haitians contribute proportionally high to the Dominican Republic's economy... more »

rebuild haiti

i thank is a good choice by choosing Mr Rouzier for prime minister of Haiti.One is a bisnessman and it look very civilized.It's about time to real haitian to fallow the light and stay away to corruption,and step forward may bring development and... more »

RE: It's The Time To liberate Duvalier's Sold Out Slaves in the Dominican Repub

We are divided by race, color, education, religion, languages and cultural values. We have two Haitis. The Haiti in the shanty towns of Port-Au-Pce depicted and portrayed by the elites to show the evilness of the black masses and another shiny... more »

Martelly and allegation of Haitiano-Dominicana family

Agent-X does not have substantial information at this writing regarding the current Haitiano-Dominicana presidential paternity allegation. One of our staff members is en route to Dominican Republic to investigate the case. If the allegation is... more »

Kagame receives US health professionals

KIGALI - President Paul Kagame yesterday hosted a delegation of 38 people from leading universities in the United States, led by Ira Magaziner, the co-founder of Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). The delegation, from 16 top medical, nursing... more »

RE: Clinton's participation to the Haitian Reconstruction

Haiti needs 3 governors to promote the reconstruction of Haiti in each department, the North, the South, West and East. Every town of Haiti need hotels with vans for tourists transportation. Haiti needs airports in the North, South and Port au... more »

RE: L'association des Flatteurs Haitiens Commence a perdre de Patience

Qui vivra verra,Que sera sera.Those boys and girls were all for Preval at the beginning on Preval blog. They become disillusioned because Preval did not give them a Check mort like under Papi Y baby Doc. So il y aura des pleurs, gemissement... more »

RE: L'Etat D'Haiti Doit Reprendre Le Controle Des Ports De La Main Des Mevz

Who allow Mevz to have the control of all Haitian ports? Mevz is French settler in Haiti and he is tied to the Clinton's family in the U.S. We must regain control of all those from Mevzvinky's hands or he will leave Haiti if he refuses to allow the... more »

Martelly's Computer generated salutatiosn and propaganda machine

The following samples were taken from Martelly computer generated propaganda machine on Martelly blog: Dear mr. president. Begin your day with prayer.= fictive person Outch,you most be a Lavalas or a zinglindo,chimeres,ratpakarka familie.= fictive... more »

RE: Jean Claude Duvalier Dossier

It is time for Martelly to start writing his resignation as Vice president of Haiti[Actually Clinton is the de facto president if you don't know it]because he is playing dilatory game with the Haitian people to cover up his blatant incompetency. He... more »

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