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True story About Solar and wind energy. When I contacted the University of Braunschweig of Niedersachsen, Germany and relayed the message to the then Haitian Government about the great prospect of having a pilot program of wind and solar energy... more »

Haiti's Dream is Coming to Pass!

After watching the news in Island TV,President Martelly makes Haitians feel that are special. Believing that everyone in around the Glob is Hundred/100 percent satisfied the way Haitians have been Portrait when the President Answer questions to the... more »


You Brian, I did not post any article under Mary Joseph name nor the article you referring to that was signed as agent-X. This trend has been going since several months. Whenever someone signed as agent-X, I always mention it. This is to let you... more »

Le Président de la République participe à l'inauguration de l'Hôtel Marriott Haïti

· Une structure hôtelière de 175 chambres et coûtant cinquante millions de dollars américains vient accroître le nombre d'emplois dans le pays Port-au-Prince, mardi 24 Février 2015 : Le Président de la... more »

Emergency situation --Martelly nedds 10 parachutes to land down

Our boy is high like a weather satellite. He wears his dopey sun Glasses. Now he start to press his boot on the Haitian disaster money for his artificial snow. Soon he will need a fur coat like Michelle Bennett to protect himself from freezing in... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 9 october 2011

◙The News for the weekend of October 9th 2011 is apparently uneventful. Our staff continues to investigate the Haitiano-Dominicana Martelly's paternity case in Dominican Republic. ◙Agency-X-1804 is asking the public to send any... more »

Tournée d'évaluation de plusieurs travaux d'infrastructures dans le Sud par le Président de la République

Port-au-Prince, lundi 5 août 2013 : Le Président de la République, S.E.M. Michel Joseph Martelly, accompagné, entre autres, de la Première Dame, Mme Sophia Martelly, du Premier Ministre, M. Laurent Salvador Lamothe et du... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, mwen tande ou te rankontre avek preziden clinton jodia pa bliye jodia li ta bon pou nou ese konprann sistem ameriken peyi pa gen problem ti mose maje nan min pyes nasyon nan mond la, pou edel travese impas dlo nou ye la... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News Special Reports 15 Feb 2012

Agency-X-1804 is working in an EXTRAORDINARY project in Chicago Illinois that currently requires 15 hours X 7 days a week of our time. if every work according to our schedule, this project will be completed by mid-June 2012. Nevertheless,our agents... more »

RE: Training a new army

Bravo Lautre Niveau, It is true that the UN or US should be in the business of training our Haitian Army, and the equipment that MINUSTHA has in their possession right now should stay in Haiti for the Haitian Army. Better yet, let Minustha train... more »

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