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RE: Poursuivre les

hey imbecile neg sot tan kour Jean Pierre Alexandre sa ou kon nin por trover aper baille moune konseil sou ki lekol pou yo aller. Se pa betize ou kon dit. Ala frekent chien sar frekent. more »

Make Haiti beautifull

bon wout, bay kouran plis, plis lekol leta,netwaye rout yo,plis dlo nan kay yo. more »

RE: President mouin kontan anpil pou lekol gratis la

Richelle, I did not discuss the $1 withdrawal from my postings in the past two weeks at all, and I believe that I discussed that point in the first two weeks of Martelly's inauguration. That idea to make the Diaspora pay for Haiti's children came... more »

His excellency

My message is as follows: The ambitious idea to providing education to all haitians is not impossible. Currently, based on what I heard in the news, there are around 10,000 NGOs in Haiti. Nobody really know what they do. Have them scattered all... more »

Education is the way forward

Good Day My president/ Bonjour mon President. I am very happy to hear the plans that you have for Haiti in relation to Education. My brother Education is the key to our success in Haiti. I am supporting you % on those plans. You told the nation... more »

President mister joseph martelly

As i sit home now watching a documentary about the black freedom movement and the burial of segregation what happen in haiti is no different than what was happened to african at that time we been fifhting with arm already now in this modern era we... more »

Education gratuit pour les enfants

Bonsoir Monsieur le Président, Je suis un Haitien et je suis fier de l'être. Merci pour tous les efforts que vous consentez à faire pour aider l'avenir du pays. J'habite dans le midwest des États-Unis, j'ai créé une... more »

my president

Mwen felisitew prezidan pou pwogram gouvèneman lakay ou an.mwen ta byen renmen jwenm yon bous d'etude international. Mwen fini lekol ane pa gen mwa yen poum antre fak more »

RE: Rencontre entre le Premier ministre Evans Paul et les intervenants du Programme State Building Contract/GOG-UE

Congratulations, Haiti is going forward with Development Grants for higher Education in Science, Technology, Engineer and Affordable Housing Development in every department. The North, South, East, not only Port au Prince needs a School of Health... more »

Reform in the Brevet School Program in Haiti.

Haiti needs to upgrade the 3 years Brevet Program School to 5 years learning. with computer literacy, library, gymnastics in the stadium, Laboratory, Cafeteria and Auditorium. The students in the Brevet program should take Math/Sciences, French... more »