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RE: VIDEO: Interview With President Michel Martelly - How can African-American business leaders invest in Haiti?

Sure, they can work in partnership to build one Medical school, Nursing, Laboratory,Pharmacy and Dentistry school in every department. They can get together to open a school of Agronomy in every department, a school of Engineer in every department... more »

RE: Winter tourists in Haiti

If funding is your problem, do not even think about Haiti. You need plenty money in your bank account to start a business in Haiti. Somebody likes Oprah can do business with Haiti. You have to be a millionaire to open business in Haiti. Haiti needs... more »

RE: Le Gouvernement salue l'application de la loi sur le regroupement familial

Winter is coming, open Haiti for tourism. Haiti needs hibernation centers, convention centers, assisted living residences, hotels, motels, inns, in all departments. There is a big business in the field of hospitality especially during the winter... more »

Business back in Haiti

I am a born Haitian, living in America. I want to come back in my country. I want to know, what is your plan for security in Haiti? I want to come back and open a business. I thought about it before, but not the way the country is now. How long do... more »


The new president Joseph Michel Martelly clearly said in is speech: HAITI IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Many people expressed the need to develop Ile de la tortue, the real Tortuga island in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Well this forum is open... more »


First and foremost, I would like to apologize to you my Haiti Cherie. I think I have been too critical of you. I needed to move away from cocoon of comfort to realize Haiti is not that bad off. We can be open for business. We just have to put our... more »

Agriculture and security

Hi my name is Esther Joseph i just want to say congratulation. Please focus on agriculture because it is the basic for growth for the economy. Security is the most important part for investment in haiti. Without security, tourists wuill stay away... more »

RE: President Martelly to participate in Latin American Sumit

Yes, Haiti will not be a recluse State anymore. That is a good thing!! especially now that we are open for business. more »

RE: How can I serve my country?

Come to create jobs in Haiti. Open a computer school in Haiti. Build new homes for sales in Haiti in all departments. Modernize Haiti with Laundromats in all departments. Haiti needs car dealers, driving schools in all departments. Come to promote... more »

RE: VIDEO: Interview With President Michel Martelly - How can African-American business leaders invest in Haiti?

They can work in partnership with providing boats to export more mangos, watermelons, lemons, bananas, etc. Haiti should develop agriculture by planting more mangos, watermelons, etc. Those businessmen know how to work together. They are... more »