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Ideas for Fixing Haiti

1. From everyone that I have spoken to(NGO's,Diaspora,Students and Haitian Government Officials) the three main problems in Haiti are. a: Customs(la-droine)no clear rule is establish, corrupted from the smallest to the highest post, I am sure you... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, May God bless you and your people And keep your eyes open on God and God only, He will show you how to lead the people. So if you think that you are going to lead the country by your one connaissance sam w more »

Too Much Monkey Business On Our Ports

Prezidan,tout direkte douwan yo se vole,okipe problim sa yo tou rapid. Mwen bouke avek yo nan douwan nan. Sin Mak pouri ak vole. more »

Arnel Belizaire open letter

My fellow Haitians, This is Arnel Belizaire, deputy of Delmas and Tabarre. I would like to take this opportunity to address some contentious issues raised recently. First off, since my famous illegal arrest on October 27 at the Toussaint Louverture... more »

Time To Eliminate The Parliament

Prez,don't play the harlot game with these pigs. It's time consuming and energy,animals don't have no acknowledgement of time. You need to clean the house,the house started collecting dust, 25 years it's a lot of time. Clean it,please. Even if you... more »


Interesting message, thank you for keeping you eyes open.The world has become a dangerous place to live. Who can trust the government when their are allowing these things to take place under their eye, because some of them live a double life? The... more »

Arcahaie and portauprince leogane

As you work on the reconstruction and the desantralisation mr president I will like you to make leogane archahaie and portauprince close together because too many people concentrate in portauprince only open the capital even the palace new palace... more »

Series of photo collections of the Duvalier crime family

This is a series of photographic collection of the Duvalier crime family. This is for the sick This is a series of photographic collection of the Duvalier crime family. If any haitian patriot has any picture and facts related to the Duvalier... more »

Laundromats in Haiti

The Haitian people need to wash their clothes faster. Haiti needs laundromat in every sector to create jobs. Stop washing by hands, Haiti needs washing machine to do the laundry. Open a washing machine store in every department in Haiti. more »

RE: Business plan for construction project in Haiti.Help.

There are no jobs in Haiti. If you have a job in Haiti it is not a guarrantee You may lose that job anytime. There is not enough credit for a bank in Haiti to allow your construction project to concretise. This is not a one person commitment, It is... more »