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The truth is stranger than fiction

This is true. Haiti is open for business. Truth is stranger than fiction This is the business Plan: 1-Los cocos de Enriquillo will be moving to Haiti in imposing numbers. 2-We have a Jeunesse Counselor on the premise and he is related by blood to... more »

pote/kole pour Haiti avec notre president

Your excellency,it's a reel pleasure.After few years away,try to run a small business.I see a lot need to be done mentally,find way to create some type of social security,that will cut down stealing a bit,Just be strong and open minded. best... more »

RE: A reply to inquiry to Ainsi parla l�oncle, Haiti is open for business

The question is, who will condemn it? Those are just the unintended consequences of Globalism. Now days, we think Planet wise, not country wise. I do hope that Latin America and the Caribbeans get together as a trade unit, hence give us more... more »

RE: Restoration of the Haitian National Guard

The question is whether or not the Haitian government want to go into a war against poverty once and for all. The answer is most probably no; Because it is not to their advantage. They get free and ready money for themselves and their family. They... more »

RE: Le Président de la République rencontre les Représentants de 54 Associations de Commercants autour des problèmes auxquels est confronté ce secteur

Congratulations, Haiti needs seaports in every department to develop commerce. Haiti should export mangos, avocados, lemons, bananas, pineapples, grapefruits, eggplants, coconuts, coffee, peanuts, cashew nuts, all types of fruits and vegetables to... more »

RE: Video: proje yon bank pou prete jeune haitien lajan pou fe biznis

This is a great project for small business owners. Partners can get together to apply for loan to create jobs like Laundromats, restaurants, beauty parlors, clothing stores, grocery stores, dry cleaning, barbershop, cosmetic supplies stores... more »

RE: Will Anti-Martelly opposition create more jobs in Haiti?

This is business as usual. You just need a generator Delco, some big heavy duty washing machines. Hire one employee for the morning shift and the evening shift to provide changes and to sell soap, etc. Laundromats open from 5 AM to 10 PM. You will... more »

Strengthen public institutions and services for sustainable development

Heartiest congratulations on your election to the presidency of Haiti. I read your manifesto and program of action for developing Haiti.They are good and to the point. But Mr.President, keep in mind that Haiti cannot develop sustainably without :a... more »

A word of thanks

Mr. President, Thank you for seeing to it that we have an international hotel in Haiti. Now we can really say Haiti is open for business. I hope Marriott is the first step in seeing alot more hotels in the country. Now make plans for some hotel in... more »

RE: Winter tourists in Haiti

If you are a millionaire, you are welcome to do business in Haiti with a minimum wage of $3 an hour in every department. Welcome to Haiti anytime. You can start real estate business, hospitality business, business schools, car dealers, driving... more »