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Where Is The Beef?

Au secours,au secours,au secours Help,help,help. An mwey,manman mwen. Sa ki ap'fet la? Where is the beef? Are we going forward? I am confuse,can someone explain to me how come in Duvalier time the Haitian workers used to get more cash for their... more »

Montresor 2011Company TV Commercial Back in 1999

I often have radical ideas; want to do something unusual and funny so I came up with this TV commercial for the business in 1999. Unfortunately I closed the business to run for President of Haiti in the 2010/2011 elections so please do not call the... more »

RE: Les Gouvernements haïtien et américain veulent renforcer leur coopération

Welcome to Haiti to create jobs in all departments to develop commerce, tourism, hospitality industry, education, healthcare. It is winter, open Haiti for business in all departments. Haiti needs assisted living residences for the retired people to... more »