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Where Is The Beef?

Au secours,au secours,au secours Help,help,help. An mwey,manman mwen. Sa ki ap'fet la? Where is the beef? Are we going forward? I am confuse,can someone explain to me how come in Duvalier time the Haitian workers used to get more cash for their... more »

Montresor 2011Company TV Commercial Back in 1999

I often have radical ideas; want to do something unusual and funny so I came up with this TV commercial for the business in 1999. Unfortunately I closed the business to run for President of Haiti in the 2010/2011 elections so please do not call the... more »

RE: Les Gouvernements haïtien et américain veulent renforcer leur coopération

Welcome to Haiti to create jobs in all departments to develop commerce, tourism, hospitality industry, education, healthcare. It is winter, open Haiti for business in all departments. Haiti needs assisted living residences for the retired people to... more »

RE: demande de bourse d etude

Yolande, I hate school and books. I am a school drop out. You must be out of your mind if you think I will give you a bourse to finish university. Right mow Haiti is open for business. I will rent you a valise or a backpack to work in the factories... more »

RE: job opportunity for Haitians live out of Haiti

Haiti needs group of people in partnership who want to create jobs such as chain store, private schools,hospitals, nursing home, physical rehabilitation center,fashion factories, furniture factories, etc. If you want to work in Haiti, just open... more »

Summer and winter vacation in Haiti

Haiti needs four seasons hotels in all departments. Summer is coming, open Haiti for business, create jobs. Be ready for Carnaval des Fleurs, tourists are looking for clean sea breezes by the beaches. Haiti needs waterfront luxurious hotels from... more »

RE: Centre de reserve national

Does the country have the money to rebuild it? There are no jobs in the country. Diaspora everywhere should come to invest in the country, to create jobs and rebuild it. Diaspora everywhere should invest in real estate, affordable housing and... more »

RE: A reply to inquiry to Ainsi parla l�oncle, Haiti is open for business

makake ale chita gnow kote si ou pagi anyin pou di.si anglem te bon moin ta dit rou ampil lot bagaille. mointe rete nan mim kote ak ti boule se sak ferm moin kon-nin ke tout radot ou di yo se manti ou fait sou ti boule. kamokin pa gen suspan fait... more »

Private electric companies in all departments of Haiti

Haiti needs electricity in all departments. North,South,East and West not only in Port au Prince. Haiti will no longer be a sleeping pearl in the Carribbean. It is time for Haiti to wake up and be a busy bee, an active pearl in motion. With... more »


the senate has to create laws that will protect all hatian citizens from being exploited by foreign investors. laws like the Bahamian ones.a foreigner can open a business, but it has to be run by a haitian.Immigration has to create some sort of... more »

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