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Ideas for President Martelly

I have a couple of ideas that I think you should adopt. First let me start by saying I'm of Haitian decent and would love to someday visit the country of my parents without fear of my safety. I went to Dominican Republic on vacation because it was... more »

Duvalierist saga in Jamaica

La malediction Duvalieriste will continue to haunt the Duvalieristes including Thomas Desulme son fils et ses arriere petit fils and filles eventhoug the Desulme family was not involve in the crime business for Francois Duvalier. So the tet kanards... more »

Michel Martely Charismatic pop

I will not really Happy to see the Pope, Charismatic pop goes deep in your business with. I know there are very good people in the catholic church and other religions, but the Catholic church is the worst religion in the world and corrupt; maybe if... more »

Congratulation Mr President

Iam very proud of you,with God and the faith we have in him we can reach our goal,our dream can come true.I remember two months before the second turn of the election,in my vision and Iwas told everyone thatI know that,Mr MICHEL JOSEPH MARTELLY... more »

National Security. The security of Haiti is our o

National Secuty is our business. It is not the affairs of anybody else. Even though, we have many friends, though, the security of our Home land should be assured by our men in uniform. Yes, Haiti is in need of a strong Army. If UN believe that we... more »

RE: Better public administration

If you are an economist graduated from the US schools and want to improve the public administration in Haiti, you have to apply for a job with this administration. You have to see if you can open a school of Economy in Haiti, to teach the haitian... more »

RE: How to Get a Post/Job in the Martelly's Government?

Send to Martelly a SMS directly or log on to his webpage for ResponsPeyizan.org or dotcom just find out. You can contact Haiti's embassy in Washington DC to officially apply for any opening positions there, but one thing that you need to know the... more »

Haiti Economic Development Is Paramount To Haiti

My name is Gus Schmidt I am an economic development specialist by trade, international real estate investor and successful transportation entrepreneur. I have had numerous write-ups on my economic development work including New York Daily News(see... more »

VIDEO: Interview With President Michel Martelly - How can African-American business leaders invest in Haiti?

Watch this video... Haiti President Martelly answers the question: How can African American business leaders in the United States reach out and help Haiti... (YouTube video) He also talks about Haiti as the first black republic... President... more »

want to help

Dear Mr. President,My name is Andrew Lane. I live in the states and had watched the pbs frontline special "Battle for Haiti". It truly breaks my heart to see Haiti in such bad shape..Id like to help.I have made flight arrangements,got my... more »

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