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RE: The Dominican Reserve Bank WantsTo Open A Branch In Haiti

Bravo Smart guy. You've said it all. The man really dont have a clue on anything. You have Ti simone like you call him as president for 5 years, you'll be sorry after. Mark my word Peace out brother! more »

RE: Le Président de la République rencontre une nouvelle fois les sénateurs autour de la formation du Conseil Electoral Permanent

The industrial park will open soon. Where can I apply to find a job there because I have been unemployed since two years. more »

Bank in the South of Haiti.

The South of Haiti needs a Bank as well as an airport. With the carnival in Cayes, the tourists need a bank in Carrefour DesRuisseaux or Miragoane, Next year, tourists will fly directly from New York, Canada, Miami to Cayes for the Carnival... more »

Martelly Wants Business Leader as Prime Minister

Published: May 15, 2011 at 9:46 PM ET Sign In to E-Mail Print PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) more »

RE: Auto school in all the cities of Haiti

I have the project to open an auto school for my country. What can I do to help an who do I contact? Cell +509-3756-4552 more »

Affordable New Homes for sales in Bacconois

The Nippes is a good place to vacation, to retire under the sun. Develop tourism in the Nippes. The beaches are clean. Bacconois is a good place to relax. Bacconois needs an association of Architects, contractors, real estate, home... more »

Hi mr Michel

hi my name is christopher henry i am from Haiti i am 38 years old I am a business man i'd like to do some deal with haiti if you're interested please send me an email as soon as possible. more »

A better HAITI and Good LEADER.

Mr.President,I would to see getting so tough on the Kidnappers,it will be a big help and the biggest improvement ever made.I want to come home last summer,I was unable to do so;I had to go somewhere else;please kill them when you are caught... more »

support our president

where to write the president direcly my vision is very close to his vision his inauguration speech is a speech I personally will give have free school is best thing one could do it is gift of life a mind is a terrible thing to waste note haiti... more »

RE: Car dealers in every department.

Haiti should have a Motor Vehicle Department in every department: North, Cap Haitian, Port de Paix South,Cayes, Miragoane, Jeremie Artibonite, Gonaives, Jacmel to deliver driver licenses to the motorists not only in Port au Prince. Business men and... more »

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