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RE: The Dominican Reserve Bank WantsTo Open A Branch In Haiti

Bravo Smart guy. You've said it all. The man really dont have a clue on anything. You have Ti simone like you call him as president for 5 years, you'll be sorry after. Mark my word Peace out brother! more »

RE: Remise officielle des clefs de cent unités de logements aux Cayes

Congratulations, this is good news for the Cayes. Build in the provinces, decongestion Port au Prince. The Nippes, Grande Anse, Cayes need affordable housing for the Haitians working overseas to return home in their motherland. Architects, brokers... more »

Bank in the South of Haiti.

The South of Haiti needs a Bank as well as an airport. With the carnival in Cayes, the tourists need a bank in Carrefour DesRuisseaux or Miragoane, Next year, tourists will fly directly from New York, Canada, Miami to Cayes for the Carnival... more »

Martelly Wants Business Leader as Prime Minister

Published: May 15, 2011 at 9:46 PM ET Sign In to E-Mail Print PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) more »

RE: Auto school in all the cities of Haiti

I have the project to open an auto school for my country. What can I do to help an who do I contact? Cell +509-3756-4552 more »

Affordable New Homes for sales in Bacconois

The Nippes is a good place to vacation, to retire under the sun. Develop tourism in the Nippes. The beaches are clean. Bacconois is a good place to relax. Bacconois needs an association of Architects, contractors, real estate, home... more »

A better HAITI and Good LEADER.

Mr.President,I would to see getting so tough on the Kidnappers,it will be a big help and the biggest improvement ever made.I want to come home last summer,I was unable to do so;I had to go somewhere else;please kill them when you are caught... more »

support our president

where to write the president direcly my vision is very close to his vision his inauguration speech is a speech I personally will give have free school is best thing one could do it is gift of life a mind is a terrible thing to waste note haiti... more »

Hi mr Michel

hi my name is christopher henry i am from Haiti i am 38 years old I am a business man i'd like to do some deal with haiti if you're interested please send me an email as soon as possible. more »

RE: Car dealers in every department.

Haiti should have a Motor Vehicle Department in every department: North, Cap Haitian, Port de Paix South,Cayes, Miragoane, Jeremie Artibonite, Gonaives, Jacmel to deliver driver licenses to the motorists not only in Port au Prince. Business men and... more »