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RE: Delmass33 1/17/2012 Truck accident/ My letter Dated June 15,2011 to this Blog.

Andrew, If Haiti is in your soul and you love Haiti, you are welcome to Haiti anytime. You can invest in Haiti. You can open a school to teach the Haitian people to speak English. more »

RE: The Dominican Reserve Bank WantsTo Open A Branch In Haiti

Haiti needs a Greenpoint Bank or an European Bank or aManufacturers Hanover Trust,one in each department to develop affordable housing and Urban development.What about a Banco Popular? more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 27 November 2011- Wyclef Jean Dossier Vol-1

Wycleft Jean Dossier Volume-1 Who is helping who in Haiti. What is the difference between Michel Martelly and Wycleft Jean? All are the same. One is physically shorter and darker than the other but they think the same way. Both supposedly are... more »

RE: A reply to inquiry to Ainsi parla l�oncle, Haiti is open for business

Your argument is valid only at a unilateral process with no complex ramifications on the first world part. The production of agricultural goods from the third world countries are keenly watched by the first countries especially the ones with direct... more »

Michelle Bennett High Class Prostitute will be the next president in Haiti

G.Mews,you are a blind man,you are not in the 80's anymore. The people eyes are open and have no fear. Many,many more females with potential and class. Aristide wife is a good potential,she is the new kid in the block. Go take a glass of cognac,you... more »

RE: creation super marché en ligne (internet) pour mettre en valeur la production haitienne et de les commander

This is a good idea. I think everybody is interested in this project. Haiti should go forward with Internet Marketing in this millenum. The internet should become a part of the popular culture in Haiti. The internet play a great role in removing... more »

RE: Can haiti Become a great country once again

Sure, Haiti can be a great country in the future. First of all, the leaders have to develop Agriculture and give more attention to the farmers. Haiti needs a School of Agronomy in each department, North, South, West, and Est. The Agronomists should... more »

Haitian News-Vitamins-September 28th 2011 part-3

Foods for thought: from Haitian Vitamins-News. The prison gates are open- News on social revolution and national liberation- Fidel castro's reflections: Ch more »

RE: Good Morning Mr.President

Do not disturb me late at night. Me and my wife are tired after a long trip but we are busy taking care business none of yours. address your request in morning time to travaux publique. more »

RE: Winter tourists in Haiti

If you can find 10 partners, every partner invest $100,000, you will have a million dollar to start your business. Find yourself some partners. more »