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RE: Will Anti-Martelly opposition create more jobs in Haiti?

Workers need skills to get a job. Haitian businessmen should build vocational schools, technical schools, etc., so workers get skills to get jobs. Businessmen should invest in education to create jobs in teaching. Get together, create jobs. more »

Healthcare jobs

Create jobs in Nursing homes, assisted living residences like they do in Florida. Haiti needs hibernation centers, recreation centers, for tourists to come to relax in all departments in Haiti. Create jobs, get out of unemploymnent. more »

changes i like to see in the next five years

Dear President Martelly, 1) change on the evil haitian politics. 2) changes on the authority port (douane) (airport) get rid of the thieves retire tout vole` yo. 3) stop the kidnaping. (Security) 4) more international airplane (cheaper ticket 5... more »

RE: Will Anti-Martelly opposition create more jobs in Haiti?

Not sure. Job creation is not only a government concern. Haitian businessmen in diaspora overseas should get together in partnership with Haitian architects, masons, carpenters to create jobs in the real estate business. Haiti needs partners in all... more »


You need a lot of money to create jobs in Haiti. There is no job in Haiti. You have to look for partners to work together in partnership to create jobs. 90% people are unemployed, homeless in Haiti. If you have a lot of money, help the poor people... more »

RE: Centre de reserve national

Does the country have the money to rebuild it? There are no jobs in the country. Diaspora everywhere should come to invest in the country, to create jobs and rebuild it. Diaspora everywhere should invest in real estate, affordable housing and... more »

Create enough jobs in Haiti

The tax issues and unsecurity problems can resolve or improve by creating enough jobs.Haitian people need politic education, so they can meticulously decide by themself without manupulation. more »

Haitian Leaders Are Lazy and Haitians Are Lazy Too

If our economic, political, religious and social leaders were not lazy they could have created 500 career jobs that don't even require a four year college to control active growth of the Haitian population over the past 200 years. Rather they are... more »

RE: Money Transfer Houses Prevent The State of Haiti From Creating Jobs For Haitians

Money transfer business in Haiti will create dependency forever for Haiti. They are food importers and they will continue to kill jobs in Haiti. Peyi sa a pap janmen Bon. Si nou pa change fason nou fe biznis tande more »

RE: Martelly Mwen Mande Ou Redwi Administrasyon Pou Ou Mete Volo Deyo Ou Derefize

no more handouts. Martelly said he was going to change this..however Haiti is not a sovereing nation. They borrow money and do not have a system where they need to creat their own jobs. Th Haitian needs to 2 things: Protect thmeselves from the... more »

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