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just saying certain stuff could be done easily

well I just want you to focus more on the decentralization issues, im from okap, it would be nice to have a little plaza around, I mean like a semi mall, not only it would create jobs but i would also start a system where people have the money to... more »

RE: 100 unites de logements aux Cayes Haiti - Administration Martelly-Lamothe

Haiti should build affordable three story building apartments with studios, kitchinettes, one bedroom, two bedrooms apartments to rent unemployed and low income people in all departments. Create jobs in the housing development. more »

This is very important.

I think you should try to make a deal with USA on recycling all of plastic and paper and all of thing that could be recycle and Haiti could make a good amount of money that way and that money can be used to set up a good Company to Take Trash from... more »

RE: Réouverture officielle du Kiosque Occide Jeanty au Champs de Mars

Carvel Ice Cream, restaurants, hotels, snack bars, Painting, Arts store, photography studio around Champs de Mars. Create jobs near Champs de Mars. more »

create jobs for haitians

Hi I would like the leaders of Haiti to go to France, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to offer the busisnesmen and footbal leagues to build stadiums in Haiti and they will benefit from the incomes since Haitian people love and enjoy... more »

RE: PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly Inauguration infrastructures socio-communautaires Wharf Jeremie

Great jobs mesye le president you do all you can we Wai for the elections date after that you are the best president ever since no one else may god bless you and your family may god bless haiti. more »

Banque de Credit Agricole in the North and South of Haiti

Haiti needs a bank de Credit Agricole in the North and in the South of Haiti for the Haitian people who retire in Haiti to bank in their department. They do not have to go to Port au Prince to save money and for banque de change. They do not have... more »

Who are the millionaires in Haiti?

Who are the millionaires in Haiti? Haitian economists should find out who are the millionaires in Haiti to encourage to create jobs in the country. 99 percent of people are unemployed in Haiti. more »

Time for change for Haiti

The change we need is the integration and participation of the young haitians in the process of opening new paths for creating jobs. We are suffering from the begining of this nation till today, yes it's time for real change if we want to be in... more »

RE: Francois Nicolas Duvalier II: Le Nouveau President Candidat Du GRE

Haiti needs a governor in every arrondissement. Aristide can be governor for the arrondisssement of Cayes to create jobs, to develop tourism, education, to reform healthcare, to build affordable housing in the towns of Cayes. He does not want to be... more »

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