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RE: Will Anti-Martelly opposition create more jobs in Haiti?

Haiti needs 3 schools of Cosmetology in every department, 3 schools of nursing in every department, 3 schools of High Fashion in every department, 3 school for Accounting, computer, secretariat, etc. Businessmen should get together to build... more »

RE: Hibernation centers (assisted living residences) in all departments in Haiti

All these countries are creating jobs in the hospitality industry, Why not Haiti? Haiti needs to develop tourism and commerce to reduce unemployment in Haiti. Haiti can make great profit in the hospitality industry. Haiti food is delicious, his... more »

I Want my brothers and sisters to stop suffering.

leaving in the tent and others who have lost their homes, togetherness meanthe change I want to see are to stop hunger, to build houses for people who are currently ing my problem is your problem and your problem is mine. more jobs especially, for... more »

Agency-X 1804 Employment, Work

Agent-W will be in charge of information and resources pertaining to Employment, JOBS, marketable Skills and Education 16 October 2011 Introduction of a new Agent: Agency-X-1804 has the privilege to introduce to you Agent-W. Agent-W will be in... more »

the tap-tap and the merchants problem

the tap-tap is a big problem in Haiti. Iwas there about four month ago and it was impossible to navigate. The problem is that they even occupy walking streets. They are the main problem for the filth. I he replaces tap-tap by real busses, the... more »

NGO Jobs In Haiti for Whites/Foreigners Only; Haitians need not Apply!!

Has anyone ever looked at those Haiti Jobs posted by NGOs? This is the biggest joke of the century. These white so-called NGOs, who are posting those jobs to work in Haiti, created some off the wall criteria, qualifications, skills, expertise, and... more »

RE: Le Président de la République, déterminé à faciliter la création massive d'emplois dans le pays

Seriously! After 2 long years in power, you just now realized the importance to come up with a Job Program? "Le Président de la République, S.E.M. Michel Joseph Martelly, s'engage dans la recherche de stratégies économiques... more »

Money Transfer Houses Prevent The State of Haiti From Creating Jobs For Haitians

The members of the Diaspora's panel on Signal FM have recognized that the money transfer houses in Haiti are source of underdevelopment of Haiti and they are going to organize themselves to block Haitians from sending money in Haiti. Haitian... more »

Will Anti-Martelly opposition create more jobs in Haiti?

Anti-Martelly demonstrations demand the resignation of Martelly, whom they accuse of failing to reduce poverty and unemployment... How does the opposition plan to reduce poverty and create more jobs if Martelly leave office? more »

97% of Haitian Males Live only For Haitian Female Sexuality

They have no projects and visions in mind. All they are cared for is to go visit Haiti to sleep with unemployed poor Haitian females. They love prostitution and they don't want economic development to occur in Haiti. They are living overseas just... more »

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